Ballistic Digital Media  
"Gladys has been a true pleasure to work with..."

"I have worked with Gladys for over 3 years on various projects. The energy she brings to any production is unmatched. I've been fortunate throughout the years to count on her for many of my most important projects. She always has a smile on her face and offers a keen production sense in every situation."

Aaron Ball
Ballistic Digital Media


ORU Media Director

“Gladys is a joy to work with...”  

“I've been working with Gladys for over 5 years now and besides a servant’s heart, she brings energy, laughter, talent and a "can do" attitude to each job.  You'll know what I mean after your first meeting.”

Dr. Even Culp
MultiMedia Director
Oral Roberts University


"Gladys is a self motivated, high-energy, people loving person, who has worked hard to enhance her communication skills in English and Spanish. She would be a tremendous asset to any business or group."

Dr. Mary Alice Trent
Author & Writing Coach


"Gladys has a process that has helped me organize, quantify, and present each individual project’s unique value to clients. The results delivered from her “sideline coaching” approach to help my team focus on the bottom line and stay connected to the mission at hand is an excellent tool for marketing. Gladys has a way of pulling on your strengths and helping you differentiate your position in the current marketplace than your competitors have.

With being spread thin by taking on so many different projects, I’m happy to be able to call on Gladys any season of the year. I know that she’ll jump on board and help spearhead the ship in the right direction. Many project managers can see the island in the water, knowing their destination but Gladys will help you get there efficiently."

Matt “Lip” Stevens

Concert/Event Coordinator /// Club Owner /// Radio and TV Personality /// Publisher
D-Fest /// Fat Lip Entertainment /// Dig Media


"I have worked several times with Gladys on video shots and have always found her to be very talented as well as easy to work with. It’s important that you have someone who is not the preverbal Prim Donna and Gladys is not in anyway that type. She is fun and energetic and has an attitude to please and is interested in helping the project succeed."

Gary Murphy
New Day Media Inc.
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Tulsa OK 74133
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